About Us

Welcome to a world where you'll actually look forward to getting stuck in a traffic jam. We've combined letting things off your chest with connecting with other like-minded drivers and commuters - creating a community of Jammers. Help each other by creating great voice content which is shared anonymously, keeping you on your toes on who around you recorded it. Every time content is shared we update our map technology to let drivers approaching know there's a jam ahead - giving a vital heads up for people to turn off whilst they can. But if it's too late, just sit back and start Jamming!

How it Works

  • Record a jam

    Fed up stuck in traffic, let it off your chest and be creative. Tell it as it is without anyone knowing it’s you. Just tap the microphone or shout Record Jam and any you record will be stored under your Recorded Jams!

  • Review traffic journal

    Log in to your personalised feed of all the traffic jams you’ve been involved in and plan ahead! Just tap the heart or shout Like Jam and other Jam's you like will be stored under your Liked Jams!

  • Avoid jams

    Get traffic alerts from jams ahead of you so you are prepared or can turn off at the next junction. Just make sure Traffic Jam app is always switched on and in the foreground when driving!

  • Listen to a jam

    Have a chuckle whilst you're stuck in traffic and also try to guess who recorded the jam by looking around you! Just tap the playback button next to a jam you want to listen to or shout Play Jam!

Get Jamming Now!
Getting Stuck In A Traffic Jam Has Never Been So Much Fun!
Install now and make sure you get all your friends on board to like your jams!


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